Tuesday, November 29, 2022

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Local news can no longer rely on advertising to pay the bills. This is a good thing, though, as the reading experience will be much better without third party ads that constantly redraw the screen or video ads that automatically start playing. We won’t have any of those. Instead, we rely on readers, just like in the old days before the web. Back then you could buy a single issue or subscribe to the entire paper to get it every day. Now that we don’t publish a paper version, we can offer two ways to pay for the news. You can pay for individual articles, or you can subscribe, just like people used to do.

Our reporters like to eat and live indoors just like everyone else, and a subscription helps make that possible. We use Transact.io, to handle payments for individual articles and subscriptions. While paying for individual articles will still take less time than it takes to loads a bunch of ads, a subscription will get you all of the news instantly, in addition to our gratitude.

Transact is like a debit card for digital media – you add money to it using your credit or bank debit card, and then you can pay as little as one cent for individual items on the web, in just a few seconds. Unlike when you pay for things with a bank card, when you pay for articles with Transact, it only takes a few seconds. When you create a Transact account, you get $3 in free credit that you can use to pay for articles here, or on other websites that accept Transact. Keep in mind that when you pay to subscribe to The Daily Local, you will be paying Transact, who will forward your payment to us.

Subscription Options:

         Just today: $0.99

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         Year:          $29.99


You can also use your Transact.io account to give a subscription to anyone with an email address. Just click here to go to your account and choose your gift.