Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Santa Barbara Office Conversions Increase

Former Macy's store at Paseo Nuevo being converted into large office space

The former Macy’s building (now called the Ortega Building, as it takes of most of the first block of West Ortega Street), is being repurposed as Class A office space. The building is undergoing a total makeover, and the new owners hope to find tenants who will take the three floors of approximately 45,000 square feet each. Renovation, possibly including a rooftop deck, is underway now, with expected availability sometime in 2022.

The building has been vacant since 2017, when Macy’s, which has a store at La Cumbre Plaza, shut it down. The new office space will compete for office tenants with the conversion of the Enterprise Fish Company about a half mile down State Street, just across the freeway. The addition of office space may seem surprising to many people, as the pandemic that drove many office workers to work remotely is expected to reduce overall demand for space.

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