Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Postd Simplifies Monetizing Videos

Even videos without lots of viewers can generate income

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Santa Barbara-based Postd.io announced a new feature today that lets any website host low cost, pay-per-view videos on their site, without developing or installing any software. While many sites already embed YouTube or Instagram videos, publishers and individuals often have no way to monetize them, even though those networks may play ads on their videos. Postd now lets publishers not only monetize videos on their websites, but also control what viewers see and how much they pay, without inserting ads.

Postd now supports two ways for websites to embed videos that a publisher has uploaded to postd.io and set a price (as low as one cent) to view it. WordPress publishers only need to paste a link to the Postd video on their post.

Also, Postd videos now support the oEmbed standard, and is a provider to embedding platforms like embed.ly, which simplify the hosting of videos for publishers. For example, this Medium post


With this valuable new feature comes a lower cost, as Postd has reduced the commission on videos from 25% to 14%. Video publishers will keep 86% of the revenue generated from views of their videos, whether they are viewed on postd.io or on the publisher’s site.

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